Summer is Here!

Yesterday marked the beginning of summer with the Summer Solstice (our Meteorological Summer technically began the beginning of this month).  So far this month we have seen a good mix of above and below average High temperatures for each day, with this past week seeing the longest string of above average temperatures we have seen this month.


Climatology data for Lowell so far this month has us around average for the average High temperature and well below average yet again for precipitation.

The CPC put out there new report for the rest of summer last week and it looks like the trend will continue with above average temperatures for the rest of summer for the region.off01_temp

There is also an above average chance over the Southwest U.S., which correlates with the extreme High temperatures that region has been seeing over the past week with Highs well into the low 100’s! This is really going to hurt the Southwest yet again as they are still in drought conditions even after all the rainfall they saw due to the El Nino last year.

We can see above the latest reports for drought conditions and precipitation chances over the next three months. For our region we have an equal chance of seeing either above or below average precipitation, but we are not in any drought danger and actually the Northeast part of MA and the Southeast part of NH are likely to see some drought mitigation. The Southwest U.S. is going to see more trouble as the drought is likely to persist through the region. This combined with the chance for above average temperatures could likely lead to dangerous living conditions for people in the Southwest and an increased risk for wildfires. This is only an outlook so time will tell whether or not this will come to fruition this summer.

The other news is that there are already signs that a transition to a La Nina could occur over the next few months, which will have to be monitored to see what effects this could have on the atmosphere in time for the Northern Hemisphere Autumnal and Winter seasons.


May Retrospective

What a month we saw in May! Some of the coldest temperatures we had seen all spring started the month and quickly gave way to a few weeks of summer-like weather, all thanks to our good old friend the omega block.



Remember this guy?? The one that brought us all the rain?

Now that we have entered June, let’s take a look at the climatological numbers for May for Lowell.

CaptureWe saw an average high temperature of 66.6° and an average low temperature of 47.69° for the month. These are both slightly below the average, with the average high being 69.2° and the average low being 48.7°, making this one of the few months we have seen in the past year that was cooler than average in Lowell. However, we did set one record High on May 28th with a temperature of 95°! This beat the old record High of 93° set in 1978.

The one remaining issue though is that we were well below average yet again for precipitation for the month. On average, we see 3.66″ of rain for the month of May, which puts us 1.79″ below the average for the month



Another month of below average precipitation puts us further into our drought for the year.

So what does this bode for June? So far we can see that we have been around to slightly below average for High temperatures and above average for low temperatures. Our precipitation has been well above average, but we will have to wait and see whether it continues to trend that way. As we saw in May, the month started out with a lot of precipitation, but we ended up below average as a dry pattern set in.


The current climatological outlook from the CPC shows us to have  above average temperatures for the summer months as well as a chance for above average precipitation. We will have to continue to wait and see if and when this pattern will set in as the next week looks to see temperatures below average yet again.off01_temp