Hot and Humid with a chance of Storms

So how about those thunderstorms last night?? Finally we saw some much needed rain along with some of the best thunderstorms that we have had in the area in years. Here is a look at what most communities saw via the CoCoRaHS


We see that many towns to our west reported seeing rainfall amounts over 2″! Most places in the Merrimack Valley saw around .5″-1.5″ at most. This is much needed especially for the Northeast part of Mass (just take a look at the latest drought monitor!)


But sadly this will only make a tiny dent in a severe drought that has been with us for the whole Summer. The next question is if there is any relief in sight for this rainfall. The answer to that is the same as always: we do not know for sure.


The latest prediction from the Climate Prediction Center gives us equal chance for above or below average rainfall for the next month. So it will all depend on the patterns that we see and how they transition between each other. With each of these continuing hot and humid days, we get another chance for some thunderstorms to break out in the afternoon and evening hours, which will bring us some much needed relief. Right now though, the best chance for some actual steady rain looks to be at the end of the week when we begin to see a pattern transition to some cooler and less humid weather for next weekend. Let’s take a look at the upper air maps for the end of the week:


We have had a consistent, high ridge over the Northeast for the past week with some short waves briefly bringing slight troughing to the region at times. This has been an anomalously high ridge though, so temperatures have been well above average, so much so that even when a trough came, it barely was able to bring the usual cooler air with it to the region. Looking at the end of this week, we see the ridge begin to break down and more short waves appear in the northern stream. This will bring much cooler weather to the Northeast as the warm air retreats southward. This also suggest there could be more rain in store for the pattern, but that is tough to say this far out. But, and I say but, we have another week of hot and humid temperatures to go through before we get there!

Sunday will be the worst that we see for the week in terms of temperature and humidity. Highs in the afternoon could reach the mid to upper 90s and Dew Points will be oppressive in the low to mid 70s! This will make temperatures feel in the 100s for most of the afternoon and early evening hours, so make sure to stay hydrated.


Monday sees things get slightly better with Highs in the upper 80s to low 90s and some relief with Dew Points reaching the mid 60s. It will still feel warm and there will always be the ever present chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon. Tuesday is when we start to see a shift as we get a good chance for showers each day from Tuesday to Thursday and Highs all three days will only be in the mid 80s, could reach upper 80s if the sun comes out long enough.


Then by next weekend the big relief hits with Highs only reaching the upper 70s to low 80s both days! Dew Points remain relatively cool in the upper 50s as projected right now. This suggests a pattern shift for us to some a more rain-filled and cooler period, but the question is how long will this last? That is the question and one we will continually be keeping an eye on!